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Independence Fuels Success

11:11 Equity Partners leverages its autonomy to drive growth and success in the middle-market companies we serve. Headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, FL, we are dedicated to elevating middle-market companies to new heights. The cornerstone of our success is our independence, an asset that enables us to maintain agility, foster innovation, and keep our focus firmly on the long-term achievements of our investments. 

Our formidable financial resources and cooperative approach to business serve as the backbone of our strategy. We provide practical operational support that accelerates growth and improves performance, enhancing the potential of each investment we undertake. Our ability to flexibly engage with different scales and types of businesses showcases our commitment to identifying and nurturing potential, irrespective of the company's current size or situation. 


Transaction Size:

  • EBITDA margins: >10%

  • Enterprise value: $20 to $200+ million

  • Equity investments: up to $50 million


Our scope extends to companies of all sizes and circumstances for potential bolt-on acquisitions​.


Transaction Types:

  • Growth equity

  • Management buyouts

  • Buy-and-build / roll-up strategies

  • Recapitalizations

Investment Criteria

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